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I’m Moiz Hassan
Senior Software Engineer

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Android Application
Ui/Ux Design
Data Analyst
Software Engineer
Social Media Marketing
Logo Design
31.4440107 73.1290480 Based In Pakistan
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Moiz Hassan.

About Me

Results-producing professional leading comprehensive interactive strategies in support of business goals and objectives. Experience in strategic development and in executing technically complicated projects with cross-functional teams. Meeting with clients to assess objectives, scope, stakeholders, and time-frame of projects; Conduct formative analysis when possible. Collaborate with production teams throughout project phases to ensure accuracy and timely delivery. Track project scope and schedule and communicate status regularly with clients, reviewers, and stakeholders.

Application Developer

Advanced Android Application Development for Android platform with the integration of Firebase, Google Maps, Places, FireStore and SQLite.

Software Engineer

Applying the principles and techniques to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the software and the systems that enable computers to perform effectively.

Ui/Ux Design

Enhancing customer satisfaction by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product.

Data Analyst

Interpreting data and turning it into information which can offer ways to improve a business, defineing current and future operational scenarios (processes, models, use cases, plans and solutions).

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About Me

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Some Words About Me

My Story

Let us have a look on my resume, the experience and the educational background. Swipe down to know more about me!

Synares Systems

Dec, 2019 - Present
01. -
Work in company “Dolore”

Senior Mobile Engineer and Team Lead

• Employee of the Year | 2020
• Managing a team of 6 software engineers for mobile app development and managing multiple work-streams.
• Working closely with cross-functional teams to deliver qualitative results and comparing best practices and design the most suitable strategy.
• Lead and manage a portfolio of high value new and existing customers individually, focused on managing priorities among launching new campaigns, sustaining existing customers, and advocating high potential customers.
• Organising daily scrum meetings and tracking team members' progress on day to day basis to monitor and analyze performance against lead and pipeline goals and implement recommendations for optimization and ongoing growth.
• Working as a Senior Software Engineer using Kotlin, Java, REST APIs, and third-party frameworks with MVVM/MVP in an agile environment in multiple projects ranging from social media applications like Tailorie to multiple in-house apps.
• Working with an overseas product team to deliver quality assured android app.
• Defining app structure and closing gaps in user experience for a social media platform while delivering an optimal android app with robust architecture.
• Lead successful launch of multiple apps for both android and iOS.

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Content Arcade

April, 2019 - Dec, 2019
02. -
Work in company “Dolore”

Completed Several Android Projects

- Employee of the Quarter (Q3 | July 2019 to Sep 2019)
- Developed different market competitive apps.
- Performance Improvement for Apps like Pdf Converter, Grammar Checker, Spell Checker, BMI-BFP-BMR Calculator and a lot more.
- Working closely with cross functional teams and delivered the projects ahead of schedule.
- Using Atlassian Jira, Bitbucket and Slack for agile development along with REST APIs.

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December, 2018 - June, 2019
03. -
Work in company “Dolore”

Final Year Project (FYP)

Connect is a platform where we reimagine the knowledge of power sharing among entrepreneurs, incubators and business to help them to communicate effectively and to establish the cooperation among them by helping them achieve their goals.
User can customize the NewsFeed based on the Machine Learning Algorithms by manipulating the Keywords.

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Nova Solutions

September, 2017 - March, 2019
04. -
Work in company “Dolore”

Completed several projects basing on multiple platforms

- Developed Taxi and Service Offering Apps.
- User Experience Lead for multiple projects.
- Identify development issues, brainstorming solutions and constantly improving the solution via testing and feedback until the issue is resolved.
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IT Officer (Intern)

July, 2017- September, 2017
05. -
Work in company “Available”

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines, Faisalabad Region (IT/MIS dept)

Worked as an IT-Officer, handled the daily operations of the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Faisalabad Region IT/MIS department under supportive supervision. My responsibilities there includes the successfully carrying out the daily operations regarding the systems and the database website for the Sui Northern.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)

06. -

University of Central Punjab

Completing my BSCS in 2019. I have completed various projects ranging from OOP to Android and Web Development along with Software Engineering and Software Quality Assurance Analyst.
Majors include: OOP, Artificial Intelligence, Android and Web Application Development, Entrepreneurship, Software Engineering, Professional Practices and Human Computer Interaction.
CGPA : 3.9 / 4.0

Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS)

07. -

Superior College for Boys - Faisalabad Campus

Completed my Intermediate in Computer Science with A - Grade in the Session 2013-15.
Majors include: Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics.

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My Latest Project Teaser

I Have been Working recently on Connect, Android Application that Connect Entrepreneures, Business and Incubators

Visit Connect. Website

//How I Work

How I Work

My Working Process

I strongly believe in the collaboration between the customer and the developer, as it leads to a more sustainable and reliable product.

  • Discuss the project

    Clearly writing down the details of the product

    It is a necessary step to write down all the requirements of the client and discussing that what should be included and what should be dismissed. Discussing the project in advance defines the sole scope of the product and help me to focus my efforts on the project.

  • Develop & elaborate

    Developing the modules and keeping the client updated

    Developing the product unit by unit or you can say module by module and keeping the client informed of the progress and discussing the changes on the module level to successfully maintain the overall posture of the product, following the Agile Model.

  • Final approvement

    Delivering the Final Product

    After Successful completion of the Project modules, moving towards the finished product by implementing different tests and analyzing the results with the desired ones. Once the project passes all the tests, ready to be delivered to the client.


My Own Developer’s and
Design Skills

Let us have a look on my skill levels.
What languages I know? What tools I have used?


Design Skills

01. -

Adobe Xd

After Effects

Logo, Teaser Making

Developer Skills

02. -
Android Studio
Project Management
Web Development

Language Skills

03. -





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