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Project Details

Connecting Entrepreneurs

Portfolio Connect.

Connect is a platform where we reimagine the knowledge of power sharing among entrepreneurs, incubators and business to help them to communicate effectively and to establish the cooperation among them by helping them achieve their goals.

Number of entrepreneurs are growing day by day and a lot of people are stepping in it while lacking the specific platform developed specially for them to be in a community of like-minded people. Connect contribute in the society by providing a platform to ever expanding sector of entrepreneurs. Where they can also pitch their ideas to a more suitable community.

It provides a new way of connecting the entrepreneurs with the like-minded persons along with team building, idea pitching, team chat rooms, business and incubator catalogs, individuals as well as business and incubators profiles. Connect have news feed that include posts such as status updating, article writing and also with Incubator information.

Connect seamlessly provide access to its users, to the whole community of like-minded people and connecting entrepreneurs in the whole world. Platform where entrepreneurs meet other entrepreneurs to network with them and startups can create their teams.

Main focus of this project is to deliver a product for the people with great ideas and to group them under one umbrella. Groups can achieve way more than an individual and to utilize the power of a group.

  • Date : 21.07.2019
  • Tools/Services Used : Android Studio, Machine Learning, Image Labeling, Text Categorization, Google Firebase
  • Platform Available : Android
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