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Gaming Zone Management System

//Gaming Zone Management System

Project Details

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Portfolio Gaming Zone Management System

This Project allows the gaming zone in the region to maintain their systems like never before. The core concept of this project is to modernize the gaming zones according to the modern era. It will allow the Gaming Zone Management to operate the system on the specified machine to digitalize the record that will also help the operators to successfully manage the record for the whole month & to the time limit accessible. The operator can also deal with the customers effectively in the rush hours.

The system will also keep track of the record for the available PCs & the Consoles to the operator for the fully tracking purpose & to allot the customers about the availability of their required gaming PC or Console. This will also allow the Operator to keep the track of the system that is going to be free in nearby & which PC is being in use for which Customer for How long.

The system is to be designed in such a way that it will send a SMS to the customer a text to increase the customer interest about the services to maintain the customer good posture towards the system for the Gaming Zone. The SMs & email sending Facility will also be available for the admin to send the customer about the latest news regarding the gaming zone i.e. the arrival of a new game in town & about the latest offers including the discount ones or the package ones.

The System will allow the operator to operate the allotted PC to the extent of the given credit. As soon as the credit reaches zero it will remove the gaming console system from the View of Customers & allow the operator to add more customer account upon the very request of the customer, a new ID for the time over commandment will be generated.

The Admin will be available to operate the full facility of the system, but the Operator on the other hand will have to be reliable on the short allotted characteristics of the system that belongs to his ID. The staring Features will be available only under the supervision of the Admin & no operator at any cause will be able to access that system characteristic.

The admin has the right to add or remove user account & can also change the operator account password. The security level is maintained in that phase is that the password for admin cannot be changed by anyone else, except by the Application Developer. An external Application called Microsoft Project BI is also used from within the App to generate custom reports. The feature will allow the admin to view the report at any time & generate Flawless charts & graphs & tables, whatever sort that suits to make tremendous revolution on the old traditional reporting system.

The fully functional Contact Support feature is also attached with the system to provide the best developer support to the User to tackle any inconvenience & provide the best ion class service to the customers of the Organization. The overall system is fully tested under the studios recommendation. Anyhow the changes can be made according to the user based on the Application Level, without effecting the backend process of the Database.

  • Date : 06.06.2017
  • Tools/Services Used : Visual Studio, Sql Database, C#
  • Platform Available : Windows-PC


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