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//NightMare Project

Project Details

PC Game for Fun, shoot as many as you can

Portfolio NightMare

Nightmare, one of my first Desktop game made on unity 3D. a simple but addicted one. As of been played by many peoples, 9/10 rated it a 5-star addicting Game & appreciated it. The sole purpose behind that was not to get the complements only, but to achieve the level of success in the eyes of people that they get addicted to a game to which they can play whenever & wherever they want.

Nightmare is a simple survival Shooting Game, based on the story of a boy having a nightmare of about being attacked by bears. the User can achieve the higher score as much as possible to compete the record by shooting as many numbers of bears as he could. There is no Age limit for Nightmare to be played upon, even a child or a aged person can play it in his/her free time to pass it.

The Latest version of Nightmare 2.0 is now consisting of 3D graphics. while there is a standalone level to play it. The Level is divided into Different difficulty modules on which the score is based. the User will have to attain the level of score to achieve the success in that particular level & so can only advance to the next level. The question arises here is that how I managed to set the difficulty level which add some more values to the addiction of this game. Well, the Answer is quite simple.

Nightmare is one my best Projects & so the one of those who acquired a great audience of 1000 players in just a single day. I have lately again started working on it to make it available to the app world i.e. App-Store & Google Play Store.

  • Date : 26.03.2017
  • Tools/Services Used : Uniy 3D, Visual Studio
  • Platform Available : Windows-PC


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