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6 Features of transportation in just ONE App

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SAWARI is a fully compatible application which gives you services like SAWARI Ride (traditional Taxi service using Cars, Rikshaws and Bikes), SAWARI Load (if you want to transfer goods or letters, within the city), SAWARI Tour (you do not know where to go it will be helpful and economical), SAWARI Share (you want to go to another city, schedule your ride with this facility and share it with someone if needed as per conditions), SAWARI Deliv (grocery and vegetable provider), SAWARI Pick (get transportation services for your office/institute on monthly basis). All these services should be provided by SAWARI. By using the single application, you can use the different set of services i.e. people will be able to order logistics support, Pick and drop services that will be based on packages, drive sharing, home delivery of grocery, vegetables and fruits.

SAWARI is mostly based on the Google maps API that helps it to find the location of the User and the rider, Google maps are implemented to deal with the location issues that are used in most of the instances of the app on all the app sides, i.e. the rider app, the driver app, the logistics app. The app allows us to find the direction on the map between two different projected points. The role of automata comes here as the form of Artificial Intelligence that the polyline is been dram from source to destination that code to be very handy for both the driver and the rider that allow both to listen to the polyline and follow along the projected trajectory that is been drawn.

Moreover, to that, the Routing algorithm ids used along with the Directions API of the Google that allows us to use the google Artificially intelligent software to consider the location on the format and to use that on the screen using the Json parsing that helps us to draw the textual data from the defined or destined coordinates of the Google directions API.

In addition to that, the app main screen provides us different states to watch out next that have different purpose, the rider must select different state buttons to different states, that would be either Ride or Load, or can be Share or Tour and can be the instance of Deliv or Pick.

SAWARI uses different Algorithms that use the Automata State junctions to move along in the basis of the path cost, Google Maps API works on the same routing algorithms that help us to find the best route. The Dijkstra & Bellmen ford Algorithms are the one that will change the state options based on the route traffic.

Routing algorithms will auto instantiate based path, which means that if the driver takes a wrong turn, the path will be again moved to that point based on current position, that means the route will be redirected to the driver’s current position. The new polyline route will be drawn from the rider’s location to the driver location.

  • Date : 14.07.2018
  • Tools/Services Used : Android Studio, Google Maps, Google Firebase
  • Platform Available : Android (App), Website
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